Actions taking place on the Barayo dune system (Navia-Valdés)

Dune habitat improvement actions are continuing on the ES0000317 Penarronda-Barayo Special Conservation Area.

The following actions are taking place in Barayo:

  1. Reinforcing the dune front to speed up the natural processes of sand intake and accumulation in the internal part of the dune system, and to establish favourable conditions for planting dune species.
  2. Planting species native to dune environments. Approximately 10,000 European beach grass plants and other species were introduced, such as sea holly, sea knotgrass, sea spurge, tuberous hawksbeard and the sea daffodil (the latter included in the Asturian Catalogue of Threatened Species), provided by the nursery of the Directorate General of Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea (Ministry for Ecological Transition) in Loredo, Cantabria.
  3. Installing wicker sand catchers, also to speed up the sand accumulation processes and to contribute to modelling the dune shape.
  4. Introducing barriers to protect planted areas from being stepped on by visitors to the beach.
  5. Eliminating invasive species, such as the Spartina patens in part of the invaded area, the part closest to the planting zones, by laying plastic covering and sand filling.

For more information about actions that have already been carried out and those underway, click on this link Resumen_actuaciones_Barayo2019



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