That’s how Life+ARCOS celebrated the European day for Natura 2000 network in Barayo (Navia-Valdés) Asturias

On 26 May, Life+ARCOS celebrated European Natura 2000 Network day alongside 34 people at the Penarronda-Barayo Special Area of Conservation (ES0000317). Here is a video summary of the day.

At the Barayo Partial Nature Reserve interpretation centre, located in the village of Vigo (Navia), we invited Life+ARCOS members to participate in a chat with members of the Friends of Barayo Association and other associations. The goal of the chat was to inform the neighboring areas of the protected site about the project and what we aim to recover.

After the chat (which turned into a Q&A session with the Life+ARCOS team) we went to the Barayo dune system to hear explanations about dune system vegetation and to observe plants that are native to these areas.
Carlos Ley, from the company Ecología Litoral, demonstrated planting techniques for two structural species that will be introduced into the area: European beachgrass and sand couch-grass.

Unfortunately, the bad weather prevented us from cleaning parts of the dunes that are invaded by Espartina patens.

The day concluded with lunch at the interpretation centre.
Life+ARCOS would like to thank all attendees for participating.

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