Centinelas project (Coastwatch Cantabria) organises an elimination campaign of invasive plants in La Arena Beach (Muskiz, Bizkaia)

Centinelas (Coastwatch-Cantabria)

On Sunday, 23 October the organisation called Centinelas carried out an environmental volunteer activity for a group of employees of the Port Authority of Bilbao in the La Arena beach area.

A total of 40 people, most of them families with children, visited La Arena beach in the municipality of Ciérvana on their day off to volunteer and help Life+ARCOS carry out the activities we have been working on in the area.

The activity began with an introduction to the Life+ARCOS project, as well as to the dune system and its vulnerabilities. Carlos Ley, head of Ecología Litoral, beneficiary member of the project, gave the introduction.

First, we started to search for and eradicate the invasive flora in the area. To make sure we would not make any mistakes, we were accompanied and advised by the person in charge of coordinating restoration and conservation of this dune within the Life+ARCOS project. We were able to extract approximately 40 kg. of the invasive plant.

Afterwards, we broke up into small groups to plant dune flora species.

We wanted to thank volunteers for all their hard work and gave them a gift and appetisers. We were thrilled to see how satisfied everyone was after having participated in the activity.

Our Association would like to thank the Port Authority of Bilbao and its employees for having worked to conserve and recover the La Arena beach dune system.

Lugar de actuación

Activiy area

Presentación de la actividad

Introdudction to activity

What is the Centinelas and Coastwatch project?

The Centinelas project is the local adaptation of the European volunteer programme called Coastwatch. It works to develop an environmental volunteer programme that values, protects and manages the coastline.

The project framework came about almost 30 years ago in Ireland and has, ever since then and on occasion, been present in Cantabria.

It is currently an established program that serves as a link between the Cantabrian people and Coastwatch International in a network of entities in charge of coordinating different areas of the European coast (countries, autonomous communities, provinces, regions…).

These local entities serve as a nexus between the international project and its participants by providing information, training, resources and opportunities for people to join the project’s efforts.

More information about Centinelas project here

You can download the activity report provided by the Centinelas project team (Coastwatch-Cantabria) here: Report of Centinelas activity in La Arena beach.



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