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Controlling invasive species in Liencres Natural Park (Piélagos) to celebrate Natura 2000 day

On 18th of June 2018, the International Day for the Environment was celebrated. The Regional Government of Cantabria, through the General Directorate for the Environment (Rural means, Fisheries and Food Council) together with Life+AROCS organized a voluntary day to contribute to the elimination of Invasive Alien Species in the Liencres Natural Park.

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That’s how Life+ARCOS celebrated the European day for Natura 2000 network in Barayo (Navia-Valdés) Asturias

Check out this video to find out what happened on 26th of May, 2018 in Barayo. Life+ARCOS organized a small workshop with some talks and we also visited the actions we are developing in this protected site. All the attendees were informed about the importance of Natura 2000 network as a tool to legally protect the threatened European habitats.

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Chronicle #2: Celebrating Natura 2000 day. Removing capeweed plants from Helgueras (Noja)

We celebrated European Natura 2000 Network day on 18 May 2018 with a new volunteer and training event on invasive flora with the LIFE ARCOS Project from the Directorate-General of Natural Environment of the Regional Ministry of Rural Affairs, Fisheries and Food of the Government of Cantabria. On this occasion, the Cantabrian companies AMICA, AMPROS and SERCA worked to control the cape weeds that was starting to bloom in the tertiary dunes of the Helgueras beach dune system in Noja (Cantabria)

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You can register now to attend our activities in Barayo (Navia-Valdés, Asturias) on 26/05/2018 to celebrate the European Natura 2000 day

Join us to celebrate the European Natura 2000 day. We open today a call to invite you participate with us in the events of 26th of May, 2018. That day, the Life+ARCOS team organize activities to show what are we doing in Barayo (Valdés, Navia) to improve the conservation status of the dune habitats.

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Removing ice plant, an invasive species, from Playa de Helgueras (Noja, Cantabria)

Another volunteer day organized by the Dirección General del Medio Natural de la Consejería de Medio Rural, Pesca y Alimentación from the Government of Cantabria was hold on the 19th of April, 2018. The NACAR programme, aimed to recruit volunteers from the El Dueso prison for working on the restoration of the coastal dunes of Cantabria, focused this time on the elimination of the alien invasive species known as ice plant (Carpobrotus spp.)

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