Life+ARCOS General meeting prior to the Mid-term report submit, hosted in the INDUROT headquarters in Mieres, Aturias.

The morning and afternoon sessions just ended. Members from the General Assembly of the Life+ARCOS @Lifeprogramme project were in attendance, alongside all beneficiary members of the project: Directorate-General for the Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea (via its areas in Asturias, Cantabria and Bizkaia); the Government of Cantabria (via the Directorate-General of Natural Environment), the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the company Ecología Litoral; as well as its coordinating partner, the University of Oviedo.

The meeting was held at the Institute of Natural Resources and Land Planning (INDUROT)-University of Oviedo, located on the Mieres Campus (Asturias).

At the meeting, the head of each of the work areas reviewed the current state of Life project conservation activities. The progress obtained up until now and proposed a closure calendar for each of the 10 enclaves where the activities are taking place was also evaluated. With help from members, the timetable for project closure was adjusted and adapted to current needs. 

At the meeting, the project’s interim report was reviewed, which will be sent to European authorities for evaluation. This also marks the beginning of the second and last stage of project closure, which will require an injection of new capital to carry out unfinished activities.

The European Commission’s visit to activity areas in April of this year formed part of the work session.

Project dissemination activities were reviewed and the consortium’s participation in international conferences during the following months of 2018 was decided.

Also, within the scope of communicating and diffusing the project, 18 and 19 May were chosen to celebrate, with all project members, European Natura 2000 Network Day activities which, in the case of the Principality of Asturias, are focused on the Barayo Partial Natural Reserve.


The capacity of the administrations working to manage the protected areas was brought to the table in order to talk about how to continue with the activities Life+ARCOS carries out in the three autonomous communities.

It was informed that the Aranzadi Science Society recently obtained a subsidy to carry out informational activities. The Society was not present at the end of the meeting.

The structural species and non-structural species planting calendar was also reviewed. The real capacity of the ARCOS+Life project was adjusted from its initial commitments.

Finally, coordination between members regarding project closure was encouraged to make the process as successful as possible. In conclusion, everyone said their goodbyes as the next meeting won’t be held until April 2018.

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