Life+ARCOS held a meeting with the authorities of the Santoña Council

Palacio Manzanedo, Santoña

Council of Santoña, Manzanedo Palace, where the meeting between the Life+ARCOS project representative and representatives from the Council of Santoña was held

On 23 July, the director of the Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes Natural Park of the Directorate-General of Forestry and Nature Conservation of the Regional Ministry of Rural Affairs, Fisheries and Food of the Government of Cantabria (collaborating member of the LIFE+ARCOS project), Ms Lourdes González Azpiri, met with the Mayor of Santoña, Mr Sergio Abascal Azofra, and the Councillor of the Environment, Mr Fernando Palacio Ansola. They talked about items of interest within the Natural Protected Area and about the LIFE+ARCOS dune restoration project for Berria Beach (Santoña).

Attendees received a thematic portfolio on the LIFE+ARCOS subject “Conserving Cantabrian Dunes” and learned about the scope of action and activities to be carried out on Berria Beach through 2018. They were informed about the importance of the activities planned within the project (closing the dunes, installing sand collectors, eradicating invasive species and planting dune vegetation as main activities) to maintain the structure and dynamic of the dune system. We also insisted on the need for mechanical cleaning of the front side of the beach (responsibility of the Council of Santoña) that is far enough away from the dune to conserve its habitats. In reference to the volunteer activities, we explained the relationship the NACAR (Nature and Prison) environmental volunteer programme (since 2004) with the LIFE+ARCOS project with the activities scheduled for next autumn.

Ms Lourdes González, the mayor of Santoña, Mr Sergio Abascal and the Councillor of Environment, Mr Fernando Palacio during the meeting.

The Mayor and Councillor of Environment were interested in knowing more about the project’s activities and suggested carrying out a technical visit to Berria beach on 3 August to interact with the current state of Berria beach’s dune system and to evaluate existing public use infrastructure.

Berria, Cantabria, Meeting, Santoña

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