Life+ARCOS meets some technicians from the Directorate General of Natural Environment of the Regional Government of Cantabria

On 14 August, Jesús Varás (director of the Liencres Dunes Natural Park) and Lourdes González (Director of the Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes Natural Park) met with the Technicians from the Nature Conservation Service to present and explain the LIFE+ARCOS project to colleagues working in other areas of the Directorate-General of Natural Environment of the Regional Ministry of Rural Affairs, Fisheries and Food.

During the meeting, attendees received thematic portfolios on the LIFE+ARCOS subject “Conserving Cantabrian Dunes.” Then, we presented on the scope of action and the list of activities to develop, focusing on specific activities on Cantabrian beaches that form part of this project (Valdearenas, Loredo, Helgueras and Berria).

During the meeting, attendees asked interesting questions about species and activities in the Liencres pine forest.

Reunión con miembros de la DG del Medio Natural del  Gobierno de Cantabria

Meeting in the Cantabria Science and Technology Park (PCTCAN), where the Technicians (from the Nature Conservation Service) meeting took place.

We also explained the value the NACAR (Nature and Prison) environmental volunteer programme (since 2004) has added to the LIFE+ARCOS project.

When the meeting ended, we agreed to keep them informed about the LIFE+ARCOS project as activities in the Cantabrian dune systems are carried out. We also talked about the possibility of creating a volunteer group for the Directorate-General of Natural Environment to carry out activities for the project. All attendees liked the idea and we plan to host a volunteer day in September or October 2015.

Berria, Cantabria, Helgueras, Liencres

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