Life+ARCOS meets the majors and councillors of Valdés and Navia Councils, Asturias

Asistentes a la reunión

From left to right. Álvaro Bueno, Mariano Fernández, Ignacio García Palacios, Simón Guardado Pérez and Ignacio Alonso, attendees at the meeting.

Today, members of the University of Oviedo, the coordinating partner of the Life+ARCOS project, held a meeting at the Luarca Council with the local mayor, Mr Simón Guardado Pérez, the Councillor of Navia, Mr Ignacio García Palacios, and a member of the Navia Council Environmental Department, Mr Mariano Fernández, to give information about the development of the conservation actions included within the project for the Barayo Beach protected space.

During the meeting, Mr Alvaro Bueno Sánchez and D. J. Alonso Felpete explained to representatives from both Councils the actions envisaged for the Partial Natural Reserve of Barayo, a protected space that encompasses terrain belonging to both Navia and Valdés. They were given an informative dossier with the list of foreseen actions in the other enclaves where this project is being developed.


Luarca Council, which hosted the meeting between representatives of the Life+ARCOS project and representatives of the Navia and Valdés Councils

The Councillors and members of the Council shared the interest and concern expressed by Life+ARCOS to recover the state of conservation of the dune system, which is currently far from optimal. Removing invasive species from the setting, specifically the actions on the invasive grass Spartina patens, were a central part of the meeting. The proposal to remove the non-native trees currently covering the space on the Barayo grey dune was met with great interest by all parties, who discussed the possibility that the dune ecosystem restoration actions may receive financial support from other institutions, which until now had not been part of the project development.

The meeting ended with the intention of all parties to hold an information session about all the actions envisaged for the Barayo space, with citizen participation and open to specific groups that may be interested in participating in the volunteering programme, which have been planned for this space within the Life+ARCOS project.

Barayo, dunes, Navia, Valdés

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