Monitoring team visit LIFE+ARCOS actions in Asturias. 16-17 April, 2018

Last week, a representative from the NEEMO team (which monitors LIFE projects) visited the Life+ARCOS project to observe its current state first hand.
During the representative’s two-day visit, they reviewed the project’s financial and technical parts. The first meeting took place on 16 April at the Institute of Natural Resources and Land Planning headquarters (INDUROT-University of Oviedo), located at the Mieres Campus.

Primera jornada, evaluación de la situación económica del proyecto.

Day one: Evaluation of the project’s financial status

On 17 April, the representative observed the work being carried out within the Barayo protected area (Navia and Valdés) and at Vega beach (Ribadesella), where dune system restoration work recently began.

Other project members were also invited to the Barayo Partial Natural Reserve (SAC ES0000317 Penarronda-Barayo): Ecología Litoral, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Aranzadi Science Society and Directorate-General of Environment of the Government of Cantabria.

Elena Fernández explains erosion trends in the Barayo dune system.

At Barayo, we talked about the conservation problems this area faces and the steps we must take in order to begin restoring the dune ecosystem’s natural vegetation cover.

That day, we also took new positioning measurements of the frontal dune with a sub-meter accuracy GPS receptor.

Collecting frontal dune data via GPS

After visiting Barayo, the team went to Vega beach in Ribadesella to see the results of the work done there. In this area, the closures and decrease in foot traffic inside the dune system has allowed vegetation to recover. In the area you could also see the effect storms had on some of the work carried out. Significant damage was done to the sand collectors and to some of the frontal closures.

Presentation on Vega beach erosion trends, given by Elena Fernández (INDUROT)

Dune vegetation recovery on Vega beach after closing transversal access points to the beach

Evaluation of damage on Vega beach

After visiting Vega beach, the team went to Ribadesella to have lunch at the “Tito Bustillo” Cave Interpretation Centre. Afterwards, we reviewed the work carried out by other teams at different work sites. The meeting was held at facilities generously provided by the Council of Ribadesella.

Technical meeting at the offices of the Council of Ribadesella.

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