The Asturian public TV includes a video report to show the beginning of the tree cut in Barayo (Asturias) developed by Life+ARCOS

Here is the video of the news item, which was used on the opening of the local Asturian TPA News (evening edition) about the activities carried out in Barayo, which commence the dune system recovery actions on this protected space.

In the interview, the project director Mr Tomás E. Díaz comments on the role that the pine trees used to have in structuring and setting the dune system. When removing the pine tree covering, before the other actions – including the conditioning of the substrate so as to plant dune species such as the European beach grass (Ammophila arenaria)- the stump extraction of the planted pines was not carried out so as to limit the amount of sediment moved.


Another major issue arising from the recovery of this space is linked directly to the modification of the sediment input needed to keep the dune active. Within the LIFE+Arcos project, the INDUROT team (University of Oviedo) analysed the evolution of these inputs over the past 50 years.

Acknowledgements: RTPA (link to news)


Barayo, noticias

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