There’s no much time less to begin the actions to restore the dune system in Barayo protected site (Navia-Valdés, Asturias)

On 23rd November, the LIFE+ARCOS team is meeting up with the authorities responsible for managing the “Natural Reserve of Barayo” protected space to inform them about the actions envisaged to be implemented in this space before the end of 2017.

Authorities from the Principality of Asturias, the Navia and Valdés Councils, the Ecología Litora company (partner of the Life+ARCOS project) and the Asturias Coast Demarcation, are set to meet in the Natural Reserve of Barayo Interpretation Centre.

The aim of this meeting is to inform the competent authorities about the dimension of the actions that will take place, and in particular the felling of the pine trees that currently occupy the entire space. In the past this space was occupied by grey dunes, a priority habitat for conservation, according to that stipulated in the  Directive 92/43/EEC from the Council, 21st May 1992, governing the conservation of natural habitats and wild flora and fauna, better known as the “Habitat Directive”.

To help us all remember what this protected space used to be like, we will leave you with an image that shows us how much dune area has been lost over the past 50 years, not just as a result of changes in the use of the space, but also as a consequence of the sediment input problems faced by this unique place.

Place the cursor on the central bar that separates both images and slide it from left to right to see before and after.

The Barayo dune system (Navia and Valdés) in the 1950s and today

Barayo, information meeting

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