The Asturias dunes in the 50’s and today. Do you want to see it?

This aerial photograph was taken in the 1950’s by the American army. It shows what the dune system landscape looked like in those years. We have compared it with current images from the Spanish National Plan for Aerial Orthophoto.

In the following photos you can see images of all the Asturian areas where the Life+ARCOS project carries out its work: from the 50’s and from 2014.  You can clearly see how much the area has changed. Click and drag over the photos so you can see how the area looked before and now. It is as easy as that.

It is true that it will be impossible for us to recover the area the dune systems covered in the past, but here at Life+ARCOS, we believe the sandbanks still deserve a chance. We are working on it.

We hope you enjoy it.

Site A1-Barayo, (Navia and Valdés)

Site A2-Verdicio (Gozón)

Site A3- Vega Beach (Ribadeslla)

aerial photography, Asturias

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