Check out these 10 new brochures concerning the conservation actions that Life+ARCOS is devoping in 10 coastal SCAs in Northern Spain

If you visit one of the beaches that connect with a dune system we are working to improve (within one of Red Natura 2000’s Special Areas of Conservation), please take our survey. We want to evaluate the social impact of our work and analyse how visitors perceive Cantabrian dunes.

We have created a series of informational brochures for each of the 10 sites included in this project. They will help you understand the problems these Cantabrian dunes are facing and how important it is that they be included in the largest network of protected sites, Red Natura 2000.

You can download them here:

In Asturias:

SAC Penarronda-Barayo (ES0000317) (ES0000317)

Location: Barayo Beach


SAC Busto-Luanco Cape (ES1200055)  (ES1200055)

Location: Verdicio

SAC Vega Beach (ES1200022) (ES1200022)

Location: Vega Beach

In Cantabria:

SAC Liencres Dunes and Pas Estuary (ES1300004) (ES1300004)

Location: Valdearenas

SAC Puntal Dunes and Miera Estuary (ES1300005) (ES1300005)

Location: Somo Beach

SAC Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes (ES1300007) (ES1300007)

Location: Berria and Helgueras Beach

In the Basque Country: 

SAC Barbadún Sea Inlet (ES2130003) (ES2130003)

Location: La Arena Beach

SAC Urdaibai Coast and Marshes (ES2130007) (ES2130007)

Location: Laga Beach

SAC Urola Sea Inlet (ES2120004) (ES2120004)

Location: Santiago Beach

SAC Iñurritza (ES210009)

Location: Zarautz Beach

You can download these brochures from the “downloads” area of our website.


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