The first 360º images of the Barayo dune system before reinforcement planting.

We could wait no longer to show you the first results that the smoothing of the front embankment has had on the dune system. By improving the conditions of the front, sand from the beach can once again reach the upper part of Barayo.

The good health of the primary and secondary dune vegetation depends on a sandy substrate, aided by the wind and the salty air. With the help of the wind over the past few weeks, we have managed to transform dune setting enough so as to put us in good stead to successfully face the next planting phase.

The first plantations that you can see in 360º image were carried out using European beach grass (Ammophila arenaria), which had detached from the top part of the dune and which was developing at the base of the front embankment. At LIFE+ARCOS we have taken the utmost care to ensure that these species – natural to white dunes – have not been affected by the conditioning works on the dune front.

We hope to shortly embark upon the bulk of planting with plants from the nursery that the Directorate General of Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea has in the Cantabrian town of Loredo, for the production of dune species. In the meantime, we will leave you with this image to give you an idea of how our efforts to recover these types of habitat – disappearing in the Partial Nature Reserve of Barayo over recent years – are advancing.


Barayo, restoration

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